TKI Officers and Instructors

  • Chairman- James Kim

  • President- Chris Parker

  • Vice-President- Aymard Kassi

  • Treasurer- Sam Yamamura

  • IT- Mike Watson

  • Raleigh Dojo Representative- Antares Song

  • UNC Dojo Representative- Barbara Ambros


  • Head Instructor- James Kim sensei 6 DAN, renshi

  • Sam Yamamura sensei 4 DAN

  • Taylor Raffield sensei 4 DAN

  • Mike Watson sensei 4 DAN

TKI was formed in 2003. The original concept was to offer kendo and iaido to the community for as low a cost as possible. We started with dojos based out of NC State University, Duke University, and UNC-Chapel Hill. The NC State dojo began practicing in a rental space soon after opening and the Duke dojo closed in the 2010's due to lack of student leadership. The UNC dojo has continued to offer practices on the university property.